In Q2 of 2021, consumer spending in apps skyrocketed to $34 billion
2 min readJun 30, 2021

The global app market is breaking an all-time record of in-app purchases this quarter. App Annie data reveals that users spent $34 billion on apps in Q2 2021, surpassing the previous record of the last quarter of $32 billion.

Broken down by app store, the chart shows that spending on the iOS App Store boosted 30% YoY to $22 billion while Google Play spending increased less — by 20% to $12 billion.

This highlights that consumers are becoming more comfortable with in-app purchases and iOS users remain more attractive for app developers to promote their app. However, app developers should always pay attention to ROAS on iOS campaigns, as these users are much more expensive than Android ones.

The numbers prove that the mobile market is still booming, and the number of apps keeps growing dramatically. By now, there are 5.5 million apps across iOS and Android stores. App developers should be aware of catching the attention of users among such a vast number of competitors.

Driving successful UA and retargeting campaigns is crucial for the success of promoting an app of any size. As the mobile market is more mature currently, user acquisition managers have to pay attention to the real value of the users and their quality, not just on the number of installs. At Hybe, we provide our clients with all the advantages of programmatic in-housing, giving all the necessary marketing and analytical insights.